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There are no two opinions that the post or tweet shared with the photo attract more attention. And the purpose of writing any post is to reach as many readers as possible. But there are some technical aspects of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +, which should be kept in mind if the size or measurement of the pictures is maintained, the work will be efficiently and effectively.
Social media gives you complete freedom to submit your thoughts. You may also use words and pictures to express your expression more effectively. But you may have noticed many times that in the posts posted on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, most of the photographs do not come in the way they are seen or want to look elsewhere. Following measures are being given to make this work even more useful:
Correct measurement for facebook
The measurement of pictures posted or shared on Facebook is slightly different and intriguing from other social media. Tangled because it has many parts and 'Navigation elements' around or above the pictures is relatively high. You have to keep in mind the following:
Profile photo: When you create a new profile, setting up your profile photo is the first step. Its size should be at least 180X180 px.
Cover photo: It also comes in the initial stage. Whether it's your profile or public Facebook page, this is the most important pixel in your brand's image. Place the width-length minimum 851X315 px. Since there are buttons and links on the cover photo of Facebook, so you have to make the picture something that does not hide. In mobile and tabs, it shows only individual parts, so you have to keep in mind that even after cutting the picture, it looks correct. To make this work more accessible, we are also giving you a template whose detailed information is at the end of the post.

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Picture shared in the post: You primarily use Facebook for this. This can be part of an article or another spoken photo. By not choosing the right measurement, it will either go into the newsfeed of the people or be compressed by cutting. To avoid fudging, keep your pictures between 1200X900 and 1200X1200.
Feature image of the link to the website: This is for those who own a website or blog. It's essential for you to ensure that your picture is clearly and accurately when your articles are shared on any social media. It is also called a link image. For this, keep the 600x315 px measurements of related photos being uploaded to your website.

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